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Free Download W.l.T.H.L.U.K.E LIGHTROOM PRESETS – THE MASTER COLLECTION. This W.l.T.H.L.U.K.E LIGHTROOM PRESETS – THE MASTER COLLECTION is a premium resource shared for free at Freepreset . W.l.T.H.L.U.K.E LIGHTROOM PRESETS – THE MASTER COLLECTION does not require a premium account to download .W.l.T.H.L.U.K.E LIGHTROOM PRESETS – THE MASTER COLLECTION is compressed in zip or rar format , please use Winrar software to extract and use W.l.T.H.L.U.K.E LIGHTROOM PRESETS – THE MASTER COLLECTION

The Master Collection contains 50 Lightroom Presets for Adobe Lightroom, Desktop & Mobile and are optimised for a natural and soft colour balance with a distinct tonal style. These presets have been curated over the past two years and are suitable for a variety of shooting conditions and environments.

The collection contains a Lightroom Editing Tutorial video which covers my editing workflow for 5 different images in various environments. It also covers sharpening settings, walkthroughs on how I implement my presets, as well as my export settings to achieve maximum quality in your final image.

Included is also a set of 25 unique WithLuke Lightroom Shortcuts for tone curve and split tone adjustments on the go as well as 10 bonus presets that I use for my commercial work.

My presets will speed up your workflow in Lightroom and will act as a base to transform your edits. They are also an effective way for you to learn how to edit by working backwards from my preset to understand the process I have applied throughout the workflow.

This pack contains:

  • Lightroom Editing Tutorial Video

  • 25 Landscape Presets

  • 10 Aerial (Drone) Presets

  • 15 Portrait Presets

  • 10 Tone Curve Sets

  • 10 Split Tone Sets

  • Film Grain Shortcuts

  • 10 bonus Commercial Presets

  • 10 of my RAW files for you to edit on

  • User Guide

My presets are designed to retain natural skin tones whilst adding a unique cinematic styling to your images.

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