U.S. Deploys More ‘Anti-Hacking’ Forces Abroad

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Talking about the “hunt and kill” missions performed at the request of various countries, the commander of the US National Cyber Task Force said: “The demand is only increasing, not decreasing, it is different.”

According to Reuters, on April 24 local time, Major General William Hartman, commander of the US National Cyber Force (CNMF), attended the RSA Cyber Security Conference in San Francisco, USA. The country is sending more cyber defense forces abroad to help the government fight hackers.

According to General Hartmann, in the past three years, CNMF has carried out 47 defensive operations in 20 countries at the request of 20 countries to “hunt down” hackers. For these tasks, he said: “The demand will only increase, and it will not be the same.”

Hartmann said the CNMF had sent 43 experts to Ukraine, which is battling a Russian-sponsored cyberattack, as part of what Moscow called a “special military operation.”

UK security forces step up cyber warfare

General Hartmann noted that the CNMF is working closely with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA), the top US cybersecurity agency.

The initiative reflects a broader effort by the U.S. government to increase cooperation with foreign allies in the fight against cybercrime, which often occurs beyond national borders. For example, some criminal groups have used ransomware to attack several countries, including the United States.

The CNMF is one of three forces within the United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) tasked with responding to cyberattacks against the country.

In early April, the British government’s National Cyber Force (NCF) also stated that it was accelerating the development of cyber warfare capabilities to protect British overseas military bases and disrupt military operations. terrorist network.

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