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We are Don + Helen – photographers for four years, married for five years, best buddies for ten years! Helen is originally from Mexico and I (Don) am originally from the Philippines. We are now living in the Canary Islands, a seven-island archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean (also known as the place where Tweety Bird is from). We love weddings and we enjoy each one as if it were our own. We live and feel each moment with our couples, and that’s what we want to transmit in all of our images. We don’t worry too much about the newest style or gear, we worry more about the unseen elements in each image and the experience that underlies it. We’re social photographers but not social media photographers, and so we always remind ourselves that we’re capturing a moment of our couples’ life and that the most important thing is making it memorable! Don + Helen Preset Background: The fresh breeze of Tenerife Sea, the breathtaking sunsets on top of Gran Canaria, the endless white beach of Fuerteventura, the rugged landscape and fiery volcanoes of Lanzarote, the calming beauty of La Palma, the peaceful folks of La Gomera, and the rich underwater life in El Hierro… these are some of the things that enrich our photography, the way we see, and the way we feel. Don + Helen Presets are created out of our experience, our travels, and our adventures in the archipelago and other countries. They’re made especially for wedding, portrait, street, travel, landscape, and fashion photographers who are looking for that gorgeous, moody image.


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