The most expensive graphics card in the world

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With impressive specs like 80 GB of memory, 2 Tb/s of bandwidth, and more, the Nvidia A100 is considered to be the most expensive graphics card available today, with a retail price of up to $30,000.

After the epidemic, supply and demand fluctuated, and the global chip shortage caused the price of graphics cards to skyrocket. Working from home, playing games and cryptocurrency miners on PCs, speculative hoarding of graphics cards is becoming more and more evident. This causes scarcity and further drives up product prices.

However, Nvidia A100 is a special and expensive name because it is manufactured with an advanced process and has excellent parameters and processing power.

According to Tom’s Hardware, the Nvidia A100 is the fastest graphics card ever created by mankind. The GPU has 80 GB of memory, provides a maximum bandwidth of 2 Tb/s, nearly 7,000 32-bit CUDA cores and 3,500 64-bit cores, and over 400 Tensor cores. Built on an advanced 7nm TSMC manufacturing process, Nvidia A100 delivers higher processing power while reducing power consumption.

The Nvidia A100 is part of the DGX 100 system, designed by Nvidia for the AI data center. Integrating eight Nvidia A100 cards and optimized to scale to thousands of GPUs, the DGX 100 can meet any requirement.

When bridged via Nvidia’s NVLink, the bandwidth and computing power of each Nvidia A100 increases dramatically. Using MIG (Multi-Instance GPU) technology, it can be split into 7 GPU instances to run 7 different workloads in parallel.

DGX 100 systems cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, plus service charges. Each Nvidia A100 also retails for a whopping $30,000, making it the most expensive graphics card in the world.

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