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Shining Aquarelle Photoshop Action will transform your photos into a watercolor effect and great texture, with one click. As a result, you will get awesome shiny watercolor Texture effects, Awesome results guaranteed.
Suitable for Portrait, and you can try it in everything you want.
Make sure the wide size is 3000 px.
Organized layer structure
More details
Very easy to use



1. Open your image, change the wide size to 3000 px.
2. Unlock background image to be a “Layer 0”
3. Open a new layer with the name “Layer 1”, and draw on it the area you want.
4. Load action by Double click on “Shining Aquarelle Action.atn”
5. Load Brushes by Double click on “Shining Aquarelle Brushes.abr” and Pattern too.
6. Run the action and have fun.


Fast Download With Google Drive Link
Password Unzip :
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