Made over $400,000 selling fast food for FTX in a few months

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A fast-food delivery partner in FTX’s 75-person office paid out more than $400,000 over several months.

In a Delaware court filing related to the bankruptcy of exchange FTX, there is a $403,765 bill from fast food delivery company Doordash. Big hands at the Sam Bankman-Fried-founded company helped partners reach that number in a matter of months, Business Insider reported.

In 2022, West Realm Shires Services paid Doordash a total of $357,526. The food delivery company still owes $46,239 to Alameda, a crypto hedge fund founded by Sam Bankman-Fried. Dollar.

Specifically, FTX USA paid DoorDash $173,000 in May and $183,000 in July last year. According to Axios, the organization only has about 75 employees.

Not long ago, a former FTX employee revealed that they were spending up to $200 a day on diets. The most expensive item DoorDash delivered to FTX’s Berkeley, California (US) office was New York steak and lobster at Japanese restaurant Hana, worth $56.

Sam Bankman-Fried is best known for the financial institutions he founded that invested heavily in dining and entertainment.

In November 2022, Business Insider reported that singer and businessman Jimmy Buffett demanded $55,319 from Alameda at his Margaritaville resort in the Bahamas. However, the bill was actually 10 times higher. The custom-menu beach party cost $599,409, court records show.

Alameda leases about 20 luxury suites in Margaritaville, resort staff previously told Bloomberg. They have their own shuttle from their headquarters on the other side of the island, about a half hour drive away.

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX collapsed in November 2022 amid concerns over financial ambiguity with Alameda, an investment fund accused of being Sam Bankman-Fried’s backyard and helping the businessman cash out his fortune. FTX’s assets, resulting in a large number of withdrawals.

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