How powerful is the Super AI Chat-GPT upgrade?

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ChatGPT: Compared with previous versions, GPT-4 has superior functions, and CNN claims that this tool will change the way we use the Internet.

Last week, OpenAI announced ChatGPT, its next-generation AI chatbot. GPT-4 has wowed many users with its ability to draft lawsuits, pass standardized tests, and build entire websites from hand-drawn sketches.

CNN claims that GPT-4 will “defeat” its predecessors and has the potential to change the way we use the internet to work, play and create.

Image Analysis Capabilities
The biggest change in GPT-4 is the ability to interact with images. One of the coolest uses comes from OpenAI’s demo video showing GPT-4 turning a drawing into a full webpage in minutes.

After submitting a drawing to GPT-4, the tool automatically generates the source code for the website. Surprisingly, the above sites are interactive and usable.

OpenAI also demonstrated GPT-4’s analytical capabilities by asking the tool to look at a fake photo and describe why it was interesting. This is impressive because parsing jokes for AI is complicated because they require a specific context.

In another experiment, The New York Times showed GPT-4 a photo of ingredients in a refrigerator and asked the chatbot to think of a dish.

better programming support
Some users with no programming knowledge can use GPT-4 to create clones of games such as Pong (table tennis), Tetris (puzzle) or Snake (predation) after following along. The tool provides instructions.

Several other testers were able to create new games of their own. According to OpenAI, GPT-4 can be coded in any programming language popular today.

“GPT-4’s powerful programmability will be used in everything from storyboarding and character creation to game content creation. It will be of great help to many future independent game developers,” said Arun Chandrasekaran, analyst at Gartner Research.

Likewise, GPT-4 could change the way developers create applications. One Twitter user created a painting app in minutes, while another said they wrote an app that recommends 5 new movies a day, along with trailers and insights. about them.

“Coding is like learning to drive a car. As long as you teach beginners, anyone can code. AI can be a good teacher,” said Lian Jye Su, an analyst at ABI Research.

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