Expert: What is the use of drinking tea like this?

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Expert: What is the use of drinking tea like this?

According to Indian nutritionist Dr. Rohini Patil, green tea is a beverage with many health benefits. In particular, it contains antioxidants that help boost immunity and metabolism.

Expert: What is the use of drinking tea like this?
Expert: What is the use of drinking tea like this?

In particular, it contains antioxidants that boost immunity and metabolism.

While numerous studies have repeatedly proven the value of green tea, there are certain principles to keep in mind if you want to get the most out of this amazing tea.

The ideal amount of tea to drink is 2 to 5 cups per day.

This is something to avoid when drinking tea.

1. Drink tea immediately after meals

A bad habit is to drink tea right after a meal. Since the protein in the food has not been digested by the human body, drinking tea immediately after a meal will affect the absorption of nutrients and should be avoided as much as possible.

2. Drink tea that is too hot

Drinking tea that is too hot is not only tasteless, it can also damage the esophagus โ€“ which studies have shown can cause esophageal cancer.

It is best to drink the tea warm for maximum benefit.

3. Drink tea immediately after getting up in the morning

Many people have the habit of drinking tea in the morning. But that’s not good. Tea contains powerful antioxidants and polyphenols that can increase stomach acid production and disrupt digestion.

4. Add honey while the tea is hot

Adding honey to a hot cup of tea can destroy the nutritional value of honey. So let the tea cool, then add cinnamon, honey and enjoy.

5. Take medicine with tea

Many people take medicine with tea. This can be harmful because chemicals in the pills can mix with the tea, creating a sour taste. It is best to take the medicine with water.

6. Drinking too much tea

Just because tea is good for your health doesn’t mean drinking more is better. Tea contains caffeine. Excessive caffeine use can lead to harmful side effects, including headaches, drowsiness, anxiety, and irritability. Drinking too much tea can also reduce iron absorption in the body. Make sure to drink 2-3 glasses a day and don’t overdo it.

7. The tea leaves are baked for too long

If the tea leaves are steeped for too long, many nutrients cannot be extracted. Not only is this poisonous, but it can make the tea bitter.

8. Tea in a hurry

Drinking a cup of tea can refresh your mind and speed up your metabolism. Relaxing while drinking tea is the best way to drink tea.

9. The tea is too strong

Brewing tea too strong or drinking 2 filter bags at once can cause digestive and acid problems

10. Tea in the evening

Many people have the habit of drinking tea at night. However, caffeinated green tea may promote euphoria, alertness, and concentration while reducing feelings of sleepiness — all of which can make it harder to fall asleep.

The best time to drink tea is around 3 pm to boost immunity and prevent colds and flu.

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