Elon Musk restarts official Twitter blue service after controversy

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Elon Musk restarts official Twitter blue service after controversy

After encountering the problem of impersonation, Elon Musk recently officially restarted the Twitter Blue service and gave a solution to the above situation.

Elon Musk suspended the launch of Twitter’s Blue subscription service last month until the impersonation was brought under control. Earlier, when Twitter launched its Blue Verified service, many verified users posted hate speech posts impersonating well-known brands, celebrities and politicians.

Elon Musk restarts official Twitter blue service after controversy
Elon Musk restarts official Twitter blue service after controversy

Now, Twitter is preparing to relaunch an improved version of its subscription service yesterday (December 12), but it will cost more for Apple users. On Saturday, the company announced that the service will be available as a subscription for $8 a month on the web and $11 a month on iOS.

What do subscribers get?

Under the new service, subscribers will be allowed to edit tweets, download 1080p videos, switch to reading mode, and receive a green checkmark after verifying their account.

Twitter will begin replacing official labels for business accounts with yellow checkmarks, and gray checkmarks for government and other types of accounts.

Subscribers will be able to change their username, display name or profile picture, but if they do, they will temporarily lose the green checkmark until their account is re-verified by Twitter.

More Twitter Blue features coming soon

Some features may soon be available to Twitter Blue users, such as the ability to post longer videos on the platform and the ability to select new features through Twitter Blue Labs early access.

Musk also said that many other features are also in development and will be updated soon.

As for charging Apple users more, Twitter has not explained why it is doing so, but media reports say the company is looking to offset the fees it charges in the app. shop. It’s worth mentioning here that the billionaire, the world’s richest man, tweeted his displeasure with Apple last month, including the 30% fee the iPhone maker charges software developers. When the user uses in-app payments.

He then accused Apple of threatening to remove Twitter from its app store and said the iPhone maker had stopped advertising on the social networking platform. But not long after, Musk said it was all a misunderstanding, and after a meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook, everything was resolved.

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