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Celestial 01 – Soft glowing warmth with subdued greens and turquoise blues.

Celestial 02 – Teal-green toning and a warm wash to the highlights. Flattering, natural skin tones and accurate blues.

Celestial 03 – Peachy pinks, natural greens and subtle blues combined with rich coppery brown shadows.

Celestial 04 – Muted and moody with natural yellows and red-amber undertones.

Celestial 05 – Gentle rose hues and reduced saturation give a romantic feel.

Celestial 06 – Cool and crisp, clean bright whites and soft green undertones.

Celestial 07 – Neutral, low-contrast black and white preset with great detail retention in both the highlights and shadows.

Celestial 08 – Strong, contrasty, cool black and white with blue toning in the shadows.

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