Apple discontinued the iPhone, Samsung phones will run the iOS operating system?

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Apple just announced that it will stop making iPhones, but didn’t give a specific reason. At the same time, Samsung also announced that its Galaxy phones will run the iOS operating system in the near future.

The above two unexpected pieces of information give diametrically opposite results. While Apple stock continued to plummet, people kept buying, making the stock more and more expensive. . Votes soared.

Apple announces discontinuation of iPhone

According to the latest news, Apple officially announced the discontinuation of one of its flagship products, the iPhone.

This decision was made after months of research and evaluation of market conditions, competition and changing consumer needs. Correspondingly, Apple has also realized that iPhone production is no longer the high-margin area in the past, and it may even bring losses to the company. The proof is that recently Apple has had to keep reducing the price of its new iPhone models, the iPhone 14 series, which is also the largest discount in the history of the model.

This is a bold decision made by Apple at a time when the iPhone has become a symbol of technology and innovation. However, it is also a necessary step for Apple to focus on new products, bring more value to customers, and meet the changing needs of the market.

At the same time, Apple fans are also very curious about the new products that the company will launch in the near future. Right now, Apple has no official information on their next product, but there are rumors that “Apple flaws” will focus on the long-rumored EV project.

Samsung Galaxy phones will run the iOS operating system

In addition, Samsung plans to use Apple’s iOS operating system in its latest phones, which is unexpected and shocking news for the entire smartphone industry.

This is considered to be a big step forward in the competition between the world’s two major mobile phone companies after Apple just announced the discontinuation of the iPhone and Samsung successfully developed the iPhone 11. The fourth generation of folding smartphone screen technology.

According to sources inside Samsung, the company has begun negotiations with Apple for the right to use the iOS operating system. The move will help Samsung reduce the risk and cost of developing its own software, reduce its dependence on Google, and improve the user experience caused by the lack of features of the Android operating system. . stable. Samsung could become the first company to be allowed to install iOS on hardware devices without the Apple logo.

This will benefit Samsung and Apple as the two companies will share technology and products with each other. In addition, it also helps Apple generate a huge source of income by selling the copyright of the iOS operating system, since Samsung is the smartphone maker with the largest market share.

Not only that, with Samsung’s production capacity, products using the iOS operating system will be copied and reach more users, helping to maintain Apple’s position in the smartphone field. Apple will also have more time to focus on its new projects.

We’ll have to wait for official word from Samsung and Apple to learn more details about the plan. But what is certain is that in the future, the entire smartphone industry will usher in a new and ever-changing revolution.

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